Riyaaz’s story: from no coding to confident

Looking for a new career in tech

Riyaaz was looking for a new career when he found Code Your Future (CYF). He had no previous coding experience but was determined to learn.

“At the time of applying to CYF, I was learning on FreeCodeCamp and busy with HTML & CSS,” says Riyaaz. “I had no prior coding experience and was looking for a career change.”

Not long after, he found himself immersed in learning JavaScript, and despite the challenges of learning a new language, he persevered.

Photo of Riyaaz

Riyaaz didn’t know how to code when he first came to CYF – now he’s a software developer!

No previous coding experience

He had no knowledge of the language before starting with CYF and needed it for his course. He wishes that he had learnt the basics of the language beforehand, because he ran into some frustrations.

“The one day I stayed out of class, which was actually at the peak of my frustration, I spent the time instead, trying to figure out the solutions to the coursework I was struggling with and figured it out. Staying was a good call because I was feeling as if I’m wasting my time on the course.”

Hard work pays off

Riyaaz mentions that re-watching lesson recordings helped him in focusing on the course, along with the tech volunteers who were with him each step of the way.

His week consisted of juggling the coursework with a full-time job and it was a struggle at times to learn.

It was only at the end of the course, when Riyaaz had to put his skills into running a project from scratch, that he saw how much he had improved overtime, and it made him confident that he made the right choice in pursuing a career in coding.

Shaun, the manager of CYF in Cape Town, could see how Riyaaz’s hard work was paying off. ‘What I saw with Riyaaz is that he would review the work and he was normally prepared to participate in class. I always got a sense that he had a good understanding of the concepts that we taught.”

Riyaaz shares advice: help is there if you ask

“Go for it but give it your all. There’s a lot to learn and a great community of volunteers always rooting for you and don’t give up when it gets hard, take a break when you need and ask for help,” says Riyaaz.

His story is an example of how CYF can provide the structure and support needed for those who are eager to learn coding and find a fulfilling career in tech.

If you want to change your career and face barriers to getting the skills you need, you can apply as a trainee for CodeYourFuture.

If you want to help folks like Riyaaz realise their dreams of finding starting careers in tech, you can volunteer or partner with CodeYourFuture.

In summary, here is how CodeYourFuture can help you:
  1. Career Transition Opportunities: CodeYourFuture provides an avenue for individuals seeking a career change into the tech industry, even without prior coding experience.
  2. Learning Support and Structure: CodeYourFuture offers a structured learning pathway and a wealth of resources, including vital professionals skills development resources. Developing your professional skills like communication, problem solving and confidence will help you succeed in an interview and in your first tech job.
  3. Community and Professional Support: The program provides a supportive community of volunteer tech professionals who are always ready to assist and encourage learners throughout their coding journey.
  4. Practical Experience: CodeYourFuture also provides opportunities for trainees to run projects from scratch. This enhances practical skills, giving confidence in new abilities.
  5. Accessible Education: CodeYourFuture is committed to breaking down barriers to tech education, making it an excellent choice for individuals who may face difficulties accessing the skills they need for a tech career.

Remember, as Riyaaz advises, the journey may be challenging, but with determination, support, and the right learning resources, it can lead to a fulfilling career in tech.

Photo of the CodeYourFuture community at a social

The whole CodeYourFuture community is here to help you succeed.