Mona’s story


Mona, from Iran, found herself in a small town in the north of the UK where she spent five years with her husband and their son as asylum seekers. As asylum seekers are not allowed to work, the combination of a long period of time spent outside of the labour market and differences in practices in her field of work … Read More

Volunteer Stories: Lucy

Lucy MacGlashan - CodeYourFuture

Meet Lucy. A recent graduate from Manchester Met University, she lives in Manchester working as a graduate software engineer at the BBC in MediaCity, Salford. Lucy has worked on areas as diverse as the Voice+AI team to front end development on the Sport website. She first came across CodeYourFuture while in the middle of her industrial placement year. She wanted … Read More

Student Stories: Mohammed


Mohammed came to the UK as a refugee from Sudan in 2015. Like others in a similar position, he tried to integrate himself quickly in his new community in the hope of making up for the challenges and disruptions he had faced in the past. ‘First, I was doing ESOL in college, then working at a car wash… I also … Read More

Student Stories: Abdoulrazack


Somalia is a country destroyed by civil war and then by the occupation of Al-shabaab. I had been working as an Interpreter in Somalia and my life was threatened by this malleolus group. I fled the country to save my life and my journey ended in the UK. After applying for asylum and humanitarian protection, things were going slowly and … Read More

Student Stories: Madiha


  Madiha originally comes from Pakistan. She came to live in the UK about 15 years ago.  After years of juggling with various jobs to make ends meet, and not feeling content of the shift her career and life took, she decided to turn her life around, and this is how she found Code your future.  Not only was CodeYourFuture … Read More

Fighting inequality, one line of code at a time

CodeYourFuture is not just any other coding school; we are a community with a mission to fight inequality. We support motivated individuals from the most disadvantaged groups – those who have limited access to training and opportunities and who are underrepresented in the tech sector.  It has never been more apparent how important it is to build pathways to opportunity … Read More

Humans of Code Your Future: Yohannes

Yohannes — Photo taken by Etzali Hernández

Yohannes is a CodeYourFuture graduate, looking for his first tech job. Check out his GitHub here. I was born and brought up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I’d studied some computer science, but I would say it wasn’t until I moved to Glasgow in 2016 joined the first Scottish class of Code Your Future that I became a programmer. Glasgow is … Read More

Why do we volunteer?

The first in a series of articles by Code Your Future volunteers, as they explore their volunteering journeys. Along with our students, volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation. Liliana, who started with us seven months ago, asks… Why do we volunteer?   There’s always a temptation to give a one-size-fits-all answer to that kind of question. You can Google … Read More

A future of coding opportunities for our graduates at CYF

Just over a year ago CodeYourFuture existed in the minds of a couple of people that wanted to create the first programme in the UK dedicated to help refugees and asylum seekers. We had no mentors, no students and we didn’t know any refugee organisations that could help us in finding them. We only had a draft version of a syllabus. … Read More