Luan’s Story: From Warehouse to Web Developer

Facing barriers in the UK When Luan Murilo de Oliveira e Souza moved to Manchester from Brazil, he could barely speak English. “Many times, I didn’t understand what people were saying on the street, I couldn’t make friendships, and everything was very difficult,” he recalls. Despite having a degree in civil engineering, Luan struggled to find work in his field … Read More

Ahmed’s story: From Asylum Seeker to Software Developer

Photo of AJ

In 2020, while navigating the challenging asylum-seeking process in Scotland, Ahmed found himself in a difficult limbo, facing limited educational and work opportunities due to the UK asylum policy. However, Ahmed refused to let his circumstances define him. He wanted to break through the software development industry and contribute to society, so he embarked on a journey to acquire the … Read More

Aspiring to achieving: Anosh’s journey with CYF

Discovering CYF and overcoming challenges. Anosh faced significant hurdles before joining CodeYourFuture (CYF), especially with immigration issues. “I felt the doors to a tech career were firmly closed,” he recalled, reflecting on a period of uncertainty. His introduction to CYF was through a family connection, marking a turning point in his pursuit of a tech career. Anosh, who had some … Read More

Deago’s story: A Remarkable Tech Transformation

Photo of Deago at graduation

  Personal challenges marked Deago’s time before CYF. He recalls, “I was on state welfare… losing the will to continue – everything began to feel pointless.” Deago’s circumstances reflect a reality many CodeYourFuture applicants face, where financial and other barriers prevent them from getting the skills they need to start careers in tech. Discovering CodeYourFuture An agency introduced Deago to … Read More

Saadia: chasing her dreams in a new country

  Three years ago, Saadia moved to the UK with a heart full of dreams. “I had a stable job back home, so I was confident that I wouldn’t have any problems finding one here,” she recalls. But the reality was quite different. Her qualifications didn’t translate to job opportunities, and she was at a crossroads. Saadia took a leap … Read More

Zachee: learning while teaching

Photo of Zachee helping folks learn to code

Meet Zachée, an amazing volunteer in CodeYourFuture‘s education team. When Zachée joined CYF, he wanted to make an impact in the real world. He also had an interest in learning about it. “I was hoping to meet new people and make friends, sharpen my social skills, interact with people from diverse backgrounds,” he says. Being a part of the Tech … Read More

Jon’s volunteer story: helping make tech products that serve a social good

Jon has been an outstanding volunteer for CodeYourFuture for some time, helping many grads hone their product delivery skills on their way to starting careers in tech. Jon has also helped CodeYourFuture’s Tech Product team create several products that serve social good. Volunteering in London Jon first encountered CYF while working as a consultant, “We had an ‘office hours’ session … Read More

Riyaaz’s story: from no coding to confident

Looking for a new career in tech Riyaaz was looking for a new career when he found Code Your Future (CYF). He had no previous coding experience but was determined to learn. “At the time of applying to CYF, I was learning on FreeCodeCamp and busy with HTML & CSS,” says Riyaaz. “I had no prior coding experience and was … Read More

Shawen’s trainee story: from struggling to success

A goal of changing careers Shawen was at a crossroads in his life when he discovered CodeYourFuture. He had been retrenched and was struggling to find a job, but he knew he wanted to learn something new and enter a new field of work.  After trying to learn coding on his own through Udemy courses, he still didn’t feel he … Read More