Jobs at CodeYourFuture

We believe in a future where everyone has a real opportunity to lead a thriving life. CodeYourFuture (CYF) is a UK based non-profit organisation that trains refugees and other disadvantaged people to become web developers and helps them to find work in the tech industry. 

Current open roles

Regional Education Manager - West Midlands

We're hiring an Regional Education Manager to support our volunteer teams at the local level to ensure they have a great experience at CodeYourFuture and enable our trainees have the highest possible chance in employment after graduation.

Preferably, we are looking for somebody based in the West Midlands.

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Head of Outreach (Global)

CodeYourFuture is looking for a Head of Outreach to set up a national and global ambassadors strategy and oversee the ambassadors teams across four regions in the UK as well as South Africa and Italy.

You will work with the local coordinators to assess the outreach needs for each region and help create and support engaged groups of ambassadors that meet the outreach needs. 

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Program Manager: North West (UK)

We’re hiring a Programme Manager - North West  (UK) to support CYF trainees on their journey to employment, and to empower the volunteers who deliver critical elements of our programme. 

The Programme Manager supports the running of each cohort while working on expanding CYF activities in the North West


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Our Working Principles

  • Empower volunteers through defined roles & responsibilities
  • Events and classes with agendas and with assigned leaders running different sections
  • Create interactive events that encourage the participation of all students and attendees
  • Ensure interaction with students and attendees in smaller groups to promote collaboration and discussion
  • Encourage feedback from all students and attendees after every event
  • Create social spaces where people can meet and socialise - discussions are essential in any class or event