A graduate of our program will have completed an intensive 8-month, project orientated coding course, delivered by professional developers and experienced soft skills trainers. By the time they graduate, they will have completed approx. 800 hours of study and practice. 

They have the following work-ready skills:

  • Full-stack tech skills: HTML and CSS, JavaScript and OOP, React js, Node.js, MongoDB, Testing, asynchronous programming 
  • Soft skills: teamwork / collaboration, critical thinking, communication, remote collaboration 
  • Project delivery experience

Depending on experience before joining CYF, The majority will ready for graduate or junior level roles. 

Ideally, we want to place grads in full-time roles, internships or contracts within a team environment and with a supported learning path. Remote or independent working is not usually suited to a CYF graduate. Where there are adjacent roles to web development, like software testing, CYF may have suitable graduates. 

We charge a recruitment fee for hiring in London - this goes towards student expenses and operational costs. 

Some info about our students

  • 40% female
  • 71% refugee or asylum-seeker background
  • 78% BAME
  • 75% of UK students who started the course are from households below the UK poverty line (16k p/a)
  • They have shown determination to overcome enormous challenges

We’d be delighted to have a conversation to discover how we can meet your hiring needs, email us at contact@codeyourfuture.io