The best affordable laptop for learning to code

This article will help you decide what is the best affordable laptop for learning to code. We updated it in September 2023.  It’s important know that you don’t need a new computer for coding. You can even start learning to code on a mobile phone. However, you will need a laptop or computer early on to advance your coding learning.   … Read More

Volunteer stories: Hannah

Photo of Hanna

I’m an organiser volunteer in Rome – since 2018 when we started planning Rome.  I learned a lot about the tech world, and from fellow mentors and volunteers about how young dynamic companies work and change much quicker than the hierarchical old media world I’ve worked in.  I’ve gotten to practice public speaking, and do presentations in Italian, learned how … Read More

How long does it take to learn coding?

Your end goal makes a big difference in how long it will take to learn to code. Depending on your reason for wanting to learn how to code, you will have different options.  Different languages take different amounts of time to learn. For example, if you want to learn how to build a website from scratch or become a web … Read More

Coding for beginners – where to start

No matter why you want to learn how to code, you probably have something in common with every beginner; you may be wondering how to start coding, and what the best methods are for learning to code. Watching videos to learn to code Watching videos on YouTube or elsewhere can give you an elementary introduction to a coding language. Perhaps … Read More

Student Story: Davinder

Davinder was an asylum seeker. He was an engineering student before coming to the UK, and he wanted to study once again. In his own words, “I was helpless and new in this country. I wanted an opportunity to continue my studies. Learning is my passion.” While asylum seekers can study in the UK, they cannot work and generate an … Read More

Student Story: Fatima

After completing a degree in Biology, Fatima struggled to find a decent job.  She was unable to fund any further learning. Through her sister, she heard about CodeYourFuture in the North West. She decided to learn a programming language to get a good job in tech.   Fatima was new to coding, so she decided the best attitude was to fully … Read More

Student Story: Deniz

Deniz wanted to change her career, so she started searching for ways to learn how to code. When she found CodeYourFuture, the course seemed to provide all of the programming and problem-solving skills she wanted.  Before starting with CYF, Deniz had never written a line of code. She struggled at times but made use of all the support offered at … Read More

Coding For Beginners – A Great Way To Get Back To Work

It’s hard to be out of the job market for years. How do you show employers that you can be an asset when there are vast blank spaces on your CV? How do you change careers and create new opportunities, when it feels like nobody will give you a chance? How do you even get up the courage to apply?  … Read More

Becoming A Web Developer At 40 – How Feasible Is It?

Picture of trainees working with volunteers

You know, it’s never too late to change your career.  Work from home, work in the office, work flexible hours around the kids. Software and web development offer real, secure, salaried jobs with opportunities for advancement in a growing industry.  Starting salaries for junior developers are around £25k. There are over a hundred thousand missing workers in STEM industries in … Read More

Student Story: Daniel

Daniel had been out of work for nearly ten years struggling with mental health when he saw an advert for CodeYourFuture (CYF) in a local council bulletin. Daniel says “I had only just started to turn my life around and felt able to commit to something that may help improve my future for the first time in a long time.”  … Read More