How CodeYourFuture Makes a Social Impact

Photo of volunteers and trainees at an event
Many folks want to make a meaningful impact in their local communities.

In this article, we explain what social impact means to us, and how we create positive societal change. We also explain the roles people can play in making a positive social impact along with us.

Picture of trainees working with volunteers

Since 2016, CodeYourFuture has trained folks on low-income or facing other barriers to find great jobs in tech.

What is social impact in today’s society?

When people take action that makes a measurable, positive social change.
Anyone can be part of social change. You can make it on your own or with friends. You can do it with a non-profit organisation, the government, or with a business.

How do non-profit organisations make a social impact?

Non-profit organisations, like CodeYourFuture, work with communities that need help. We work with these communities to develop solutions that can make fundamental, positive changes for them.
To reach our goals we often work with partners who share the same values. Our partners can be businesses and/or local or central government. For CodeYourFuture, companies hire our graduates, provide volunteers or mentoring, or help in other ways.
Local councils can refer people to our programme and share critical knowledge. They can also provide funding. We work with other amazing non-profit organisations too.

Together, we are trying to make a positive social impact.

What social impact means to CodeYourFuture

We can reduce social inequality by helping underserved communities start meaningful, well-paid careers.
Through our work, we’ve been able to help many people, like Douglas, go from a job in manual labour to a career in tech.

We work mainly with those from low-income backgrounds. Although we do consider others who are struggling to get the skills they need to get a good job in tech. We have helped refugees, single parents and those stuck in low-paid jobs. People with disabilities and the long-term unemployed.

Graduates from CodeYourFuture also help make the tech industry more inclusive and diverse.

CodeYourFuture’s mission to make positive changes in society

Our mission is simple. To build an inclusive and supportive community of people who help each other thrive.
Volunteers share their knowledge and experience with trainees. Trainees help each other. All are creating a friendly and supportive environment.
A positive cycle forms. Graduates start life-changing careers, affecting their families and their communities.
Some graduates also return as volunteers, helping new generations of trainees. They share their knowledge and experience, tell their stories and inspire newcomers.

A welcoming, inclusive learning community where everyone can thrive.

Photo of graduates in London sharing a fun moment during their final project presentation.

Graduates in London sharing a fun moment during their final project presentation.

How CodeYourFuture is making an impact

We lower the barriers to entry into the tech industry for those who need it. Those can’t afford to start a career or face other obstacles.
70% of our graduates get a good job in the tech industry.

Breaking down barriers so more people can access vocational skills

83% of our trainees live below the poverty line. That makes accessing vocational tech skills training, like a bootcamp, very difficult.
For those living below the poverty line, a bootcamp could cost the same as a third of a year’s salary or more.
We offer financial support to break down other barriers people face. By providing childcare expenses, we help many women attend the programme. We loan people laptops and pay for internet access. We offer transportation and lunch on class days too.
Our program is part-time, maximising inclusivity and social impact. Trainees can continue with personal, job or family commitments.
When you remove barriers, people can achieve incredible things. Some graduates gain a salary increase of 1400% after graduation. In many instances, while continuing to face difficult personal situations.
People also start to believe in themselves and find hope for their future.

People like Collette, who now works as a Software Developer. She says “I learned that doing my best was good enough”. 

“I am valued and have a very varied unique skill-set. Not to give up trying to reach my potential.”

Empowering people to change their lives

The full CYF Programme is not easy. It is a comprehensive year-long journey. It takes our trainees from technical basics to starting a new career.
Graduation means employability. Trainees can spend up to 800 hours gaining the skills they need to get a good job in tech.
Trainees need to take ownership of their learning to succeed. They must work in teams, communicate and deliver every week to stay on the course.

Ryno (L) is a graduate. He’s making a big difference as a volunteer in CYF South Africa.

Failure is crucial in our a supportive community 

Nearly everyone struggles from at some point during the programme. Intense personal support is critical to progress. And if a trainee is not ready for employment, we continue to support them until they are ready.
Trainees may drop out of a course. We welcome them back for the next one.
The community guides trainees from registration through to employment.

Enabling volunteers to give back to the community

We welcome professionals from any industry to share their skills with our trainees. Both technical and soft skills are vital. Volunteers who are at university are welcome too.
Volunteer support is vital to CodeYourFuture’s success. Our graduates work at companies like Capgemini, Deloitte, the BBC and many more.

Our graduates would struggle to get jobs without support.

Photo of volunteers and trainees at an event

Volunteers and graduates together form a powerful community and supportive network.

How volunteering can help people start meaningful careers

Our flexible model allows many volunteers to get involved in the programme. There are roles for developers as well as mentors and other volunteers.
The Tech Education team teaches coding to trainees. Personal Development volunteers help trainees develop soft skills for the modern workplace.

The Tech Products team builds products that help CYF and solve real-world problems. Community coordinators bring people together through community-building activities.

People with hiring experience help our Employment Team help graduates find jobs. And volunteer leaders gain experience as part of our Volunteer Leadership team.

All these volunteer roles are all key in a community that helps the trainees thrive.

You can make a difference by joining CodeYourFuture

You don’t need any specific experience for many volunteer roles at CodeYourFuture. We are looking for people who like to help, learn and work in a team.
If you only have a few hours per month but would still like to volunteer, there are roles in our teams for you too.
Volunteers can develop their careers too. Some volunteers improve their technical skills, others develop their confidence and leadership skills.
Please note, you must be over 18 to volunteer with CodeYourFuture.
If you represent a business or other potential partner, check out our partners page. We would love to find out how we can make a positive social change together.