Shawen’s trainee story: from struggling to success

A goal of changing careers

Shawen was at a crossroads in his life when he discovered CodeYourFuture. He had been retrenched and was struggling to find a job, but he knew he wanted to learn something new and enter a new field of work. 

After trying to learn coding on his own through Udemy courses, he still didn’t feel he fully understood the software development process. That’s when his sister sent him the link to CodeYourFuture after a friend shared it on Facebook.

Shawen joined CodeYourFuture to achieve his goal of entering a new field of work. As he progressed through the program, he realised that being a software engineer was not just about finding a job but also about being a problem solver. 

He started to dream bigger and hoped to one day start his own business that would solve a global problem.

Finding support at CodeYourFuture

At CodeYourFuture, Shawen found a supportive community that helped him through every step of his journey. He set up a study plan and joined a study group that helped him with projects he was struggling with. 

He also received guidance and support from the volunteers at CodeYourFuture, who were always willing to help him, no matter how much he needed.

CYF is a community of people who is always keen on helping you all the time, they always up  for taking the time to help you, no matter how much you ask for help.” Shawen says. 

Photo of Shawen and other CodeYourFuture trainees on a hike.

Shawen (R) found a supportive network of both tech professionals and fellow trainees at CodeYourFuture. “CYF is a community of people who is always keen on helping you all the time.”

Asking for help and finding success

Shaun, the CYF manager for Cape Town, observed that when Shawen asked help he was able to get through difficult times. He says, “Shawn reached a low point in JavaScript and almost gave up but with the support of a volunteer and a few trainees, he managed to bounce back and come to grips with the language. He never gave up.”

Although Shawen didn’t fully grasp the intensity of the course when he started, he enjoyed every moment of it and celebrated every small victory. He says, “Everyday, is a goal reached in CYF, they promote celebrating every small victory and that’s something that’s really special.”

Finding hope, developing confidence and landing a job

Towards the end of the programme, he found that he was more hopeful, confident, and empowered in his skills than when he first started. 

“I feel more hopeful, confident and empowered in my skill, I am well aware of what I know and don’t know but yet I feel like I’m worth the next step in my life.”

Shawen knew what he needed to learn and felt ready to take the next step in his life. 

After facing many challenges, he found a new job as a software developer. Finally, he had achieved his goal of starting a career in tech.

Shawen offers advice

For anyone thinking of joining CodeYourFuture, Shawen offers words of encouragement, “Don’t doubt yourself, and know that CodeYourFuture will guide you every step of the way. Be mindful that all volunteers are offering their time to help you become a developer, so give your all each and every day to show that you are improving.”

Shawen’s journey with CodeYourFuture is a story of hope and empowerment. He came to CodeYourFuture hoping to enter a new field of work. He left with a new mindset and skills and eventually landed a job in tech.

CodeYourFuture helped him achieve his goals and also helped him dream bigger and aim higher.

If you want to change your career and face barriers to getting the skills you need, you can apply as a trainee for CodeYourFuture.

If you want to help folks like Shawen realise their dreams of finding starting careers in tech, you can volunteer or partner with CodeYourFuture.

Photo of the CodeYourFuture Cape Town community at a social event.

Shawen (top row, 4th from left) found a group of people who supported him in his dreams of changing careers to a tech career.