Mark’s volunteer story: using his professional experience to make an impact

Photo of Mark Elliot

Mark’s journey with CodeYourFuture began with an introduction to CodeYourFuture by “Bravestarts”, an organisation that helps mature people transition into new roles. 

Photo of Mark Elliot

“Making a difference is what I like most about CodeYourFuture,” says Mark.

Using his experience to make a real impact

Mark wanted to use his IT management skills to make a difference in the community and found CodeYourFuture the perfect fit. “I wanted to use my IT management skills to help others in an effective and lasting way,” he says.

Mark joined as a volunteer to make an impact on individuals and the community. “I wanted to assist individuals to achieve their own potential, which also helps the community,” he says.

Mark joined a team that utilised his skills and passions

As a member of the Employment team, Mark and his team actively assist people in getting in-demand jobs, which benefits both the individuals and the UK as a whole. 

“Helping people into in-demand jobs is good for them and good for the UK at the same time,” says Mark. They offer support and guidance to those looking for career changes or entering the job market for the first time. Mark appreciates the support he receives from the CodeYourFuture community, particularly from Barny, a skilled organiser and motivator.

CYF supports Mark in his role

Mark finds the warm and supportive atmosphere created by organisers like Mariana to be the most enjoyable aspect of CodeYourFuture. “The warm and supportive atmosphere created by organisers like Mariana is the most fun thing about CodeYourFuture,” he says.

Seeing a real, positive impact: people getting great jobs in tech

Seeing the positive impact the Employment team make on people’s lives is fulfilling for Mark. 

A particular moment that stands out is when Mark saw people who deserved to succeed secure new careers. “When I saw people who deserved to succeed get hired in a new career, it made me incredibly happy to be a part of the CodeYourFuture team,” he says. 

Picture of trainees working with volunteers

Some CYF trainees can experience a 1400% increase in salary growth after completing the CYF software development programme.

“Making a difference is what I like most about CYF,” says Mark. 

Throughout his time with CodeYourFuture, Mark gained insight into paid charity staff’s motivations and work methods, preparing him to do more charitable work during his upcoming retirement.

He encourages anyone considering volunteering with CodeYourFuture to give it a try. “Every contribution, large or small, is welcomed, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a go,” he says. 

If you’re interested in using your professional experience to make a real impact as a CYF volunteer, you can find out more an apply here.