Shawen’s trainee story: from struggling to success

A goal of changing careers Shawen was at a crossroads in his life when he discovered CodeYourFuture. He had been retrenched and was struggling to find a job, but he knew he wanted to learn something new and enter a new field of work.  After trying to learn coding on his own through Udemy courses, he still didn’t feel he … Read More

Dharma’s story: from CYF graduate to joyful volunteer 

  Dharma Guadeloupe is a volunteer with CodeYourFuture in the North West. Dharma first joined CYF as a trainee. She was drawn to CodeYourFuture’s mission of supporting people from disadvantaged backgrounds to have successful careers in IT. Mission and value-aligned from the start of her CYF journey “I love the idea of helping people who might not otherwise have the … Read More

Ryno: from lack of job security to full stack developer

Ryno is a perfect example of the power of CodeYourFuture (CYF), and how it can help people from all walks of life. Coming from a small town with scarce jobs, Ryno had to make do with upgrading electronics locally. “Finding employment in our community is very difficult,” says Ryno. “Because of this difficulty,I started repairing, upgrading, and updating, electronic devices … Read More

Ellie’s volunteer story: giving back and growing as a mentor

Ellie learned about CodeYourFuture while attending a women in tech event in 2019. She was immediately drawn to our mission of diversifying the tech industry. Ellie wanted to give back and share her experience transitioning into tech, so she decided to volunteer with CYF as a teaching assistant and mentor. Ellie said, “I changed careers into tech in 2017 and … Read More

How CodeYourFuture Makes a Social Impact

Photo of volunteers and trainees at an event

Many folks want to make a meaningful impact in their local communities. In this article, we explain what social impact means to us, and how we create positive societal change. We also explain the roles people can play in making a positive social impact along with us. What is social impact in today’s society? When people take action that makes … Read More

Mark’s volunteer story: using his professional experience to make an impact

Photo of Mark Elliot

Mark’s journey with CodeYourFuture began with an introduction to CodeYourFuture by “Bravestarts”, an organisation that helps mature people transition into new roles.  Using his experience to make a real impact Mark wanted to use his IT management skills to make a difference in the community and found CodeYourFuture the perfect fit. “I wanted to use my IT management skills to … Read More

Saarah’s volunteer story: personal growth and development

Saarah's photo

From KPIs to passion Saarah learned about CYF through her employer, Ernst & Young. As part of her individual KPIs and corporate social responsibility, she joined a volunteering initiative at Ernst & Young. She joined as a coding volunteer, but soon found her passion in personal development and became a PD volunteer. Reflecting on her own challenges to inspire others … Read More

Douglas’ trainee story: from manual labour to a career in tech

Before CodeYourFuture, Douglas worked in manual labour. “A typical day involved waking up at 5am to start work at 7am”, he says. “When covid hit in 2020, we could not work for 4 months, I considered the idea of finding an alternative career.” “I’ve always wanted to know what is going on behind the scenes of websites.” explains Douglas, “I … Read More

Colette’s trainee story: coming back to her passion

Colette grew up in a poverty-stricken housing development in Linwood in the 1980s. The area was rundown and desolate – “It was not a healthy environment to grow up in”, she says.   Colette only discovered in adulthood that she had dyslexia. As a result of this learning difficulty and the challenges that came with her circumstances, she didn’t receive any secondary … Read More

Volunteer Stories: Nadia

Hey everyone, I’m Nadia Zhuk, a full-stack software engineer currently working at Intercom and living in London. I’m happy to share my impressions as a new volunteer at Code Your Future. Discovering volunteering with CYF I had done little volunteering before joining Code Your Future, but I’d been interested in giving back to the community for a while. I didn’t know anyone in … Read More