Deago’s story: A Remarkable Tech Transformation

Photo of Deago at graduation
Photo of Deago finding support during CodeYourFuture sessions

CYF Software Development course is challenging, but Deago wasn’t afraid to work hard and ask for help.


Personal challenges marked Deago’s time before CYF. He recalls, “I was on state welfare… losing the will to continue – everything began to feel pointless.”

Deago’s circumstances reflect a reality many CodeYourFuture applicants face, where financial and other barriers prevent them from getting the skills they need to start careers in tech.

Discovering CodeYourFuture

An agency introduced Deago to CodeYourFuture. He applied with a clear goal: “Learn to code – explore the possibility of entering software development.”

With minimal coding experience, Deago was stepping into largely uncharted territory.

Embracing the challenge

Deago’s path to developing professional tech skills was not easy.

“I put trust in the process – I drew upon my resilience, and I worked hard,” he says.

“I became ill during the winter, and fell behind in my work – this made it more challenging to keep up with the pace of the course because I felt like I was always behind”, he recalls.

Thanks to his resilience and CodeYourFututure’s support system, Deago stayed on track.

“I rarely fell behind my milestones overall.” he says, adding, “I had a lot of support throughout”.

Overcoming doubts and finding direction

CYF’s rigorous course demands more than just technical skills. “It’s up to [the trainees] to meet that demand,” Deago states.

He learned to value his self-worth and capabilities, transforming his mindset from doubt to determination. “Days feel more purposeful,” he reflects.

Deago’s weeks were a blend of coding, personal endeavours, classes, and socialising. The support of CYF’s inclusive community often carries people through challenging periods.

“I didn’t realise that there were so many people I could actually resonate with – I didn’t realise that there was actually a space that I could be a part of..” Deago says.

CYF’s Software Development course continued to challenge Deago, but he never gave up.

“There was a point where I felt like I was going to give up, but after coming so far it felt like a waste, and so I persevered, and made it to the final project.”

Guidance and mentorship

CYF’s buddy system and personal coaching were pivotal in Deago’s journey. The support he received helped him stay on track in developing his technical and professional skills.

“The result was that I made it to the end – basically,” he says simply.

Personal growth and employability

Towards the end of the programme, Deago made an important discovery about himself, “I learned that I am employable, and that most of my doubts and concerns were the result of being in the wrong environment”.

Deago also grew more than his technical skills at CYF, “I feel like my personality, and overall demeanour has changed significantly over the course of the time I have spent with CYF – I didn’t realise just how bored, and unstimulated I had been prior.”

These realisations, coupled with a new perspective on his mental health, were transformative.

“CYF can offer all the support in the world, but if you don’t believe in yourself-worth, aptitude, and capability, then you will not make it to the end – it’s that simple.”

Deago and fellow trainee presenting

Deago realised that he was part of a supportive community

The big realisation

The commencement of the final project was a defining moment for Deago. “I realised… that I am capable of working in the tech-world,” he shares. This realisation was a profound milestone in his journey.

Post-course Support

CYF continued to support Deago even after he completed the course – mentors, an employability coach and extra sessions helped him prepare for his interviews.

Finding a Job and Starting a Career

After considerable effort and dedication, Deago’s realisations were proved correct when he found a great job with Capgemini, a global IT consultancy.

For those considering joining CYF, Deago has a message: “Believe in yourself, and trust the process.” His journey exemplifies how dedication, support, and self-belief can overcome challenges and lead to success.

Photo of Deago at graduation

After graduation, Deago found a great job at Capgemini