Ahmed’s story: From Asylum Seeker to Software Developer

Photo of AJ
Photo of AJ

Ahmed presenting during his final projects

In 2020, while navigating the challenging asylum-seeking process in Scotland, Ahmed found himself in a difficult limbo, facing limited educational and work opportunities due to the UK asylum policy.

However, Ahmed refused to let his circumstances define him. He wanted to break through the software development industry and contribute to society, so he embarked on a journey to acquire the necessary skills.

Ahmed finds CodeYourFuture

Ahmed’s quest led him to CodeYourFuture. This was a pivotal point in his journey. At CodeYourFuture, he found the guidance, mentorship, and support he yearned for. While he had been self-teaching coding since 2017, CodeYourFuture provided him with a structured learning environment and a network of like-minded individuals.

During the course, Ahmed and his fellow trainees were supported by dedicated volunteers from the tech industry and beyond. They learned sought-after web development skills alongside essential soft skills, putting their knowledge into practice through individual and team projects.

Growing in confidence and helping others

Despite facing occasional challenges, Ahmed persevered, and his confidence and his skills grew. He found that he could help other students, too.

“When I started explaining and supporting other students, I was extremely happy that I reached a point where I could share my knowledge easily.”, he said.

Gaining refugee status, then staring a tech career

Ahmed’s determination paid off when he finally received the joyous news that his asylum claim had been successful. While this marked the beginning of a new chapter, Ahmed knew the road ahead would be long, with years of enforced stagnation in skills development and a lack of work experience to overcome.

However, less than a year after starting the CodeYourFuture course, Ahmed graduated and successfully interviewed for a life-changing job at an Edinburgh-based company. He now uses his newly developed skills to grow the machine-learning potential of Scotland’s ambitious tech sector.

Ahmed starts to give back

Ahmed’s journey didn’t culminate with his job placement. Filled with gratitude for the opportunities provided by CodeYourFuture, he now volunteers with the organization, playing a crucial role in launching and training the next cohort of software development trainees from underrepresented and underserved backgrounds.

When asked about his mindset now compared to when he started with CYF, he says, “I still have some moments when I doubt myself, but I am in a good place, and I know whatever issue I face, I can overcome it.”

Despite facing numerous obstacles, Ahmed refused to give up on his dreams and found a path to success through CodeYourFuture’s supportive community.

His advice is for you if you are considering applying to CodeYourFuture. “You will never regret it”.

If you’re interested in starting a career in tech, register for the CYF Programme here.