Aspiring to achieving: Anosh’s journey with CYF

Discovering CYF and overcoming challenges.
Photo of Anosh

Anosh is starting his tech career at Redstor, who provide cloud and data services.

Anosh faced significant hurdles before joining CodeYourFuture (CYF), especially with immigration issues. “I felt the doors to a tech career were firmly closed,” he recalled, reflecting on a period of uncertainty.

His introduction to CYF was through a family connection, marking a turning point in his pursuit of a tech career. Anosh, who had some experience with self-taught courses on platforms like Udemy, saw CYF as an opportunity for formal tech education. “CYF emerged as a beacon of hope,” he says.

Anosh initially worried about the practical limitations of CYF’s training. “I thought it would be all learning and no real-world connections,” he admits. However, he soon learned the CYF programme is focused on developing vocational skills and through CYF, he would connect to a wide industry network.

Growing beyond coding.

At CYF, Anosh’s learning extended beyond basic coding. The program covered various aspects of software development, including testing and project management. Mentorship and study sessions at CYF played a crucial role in his development. 

“I’m confident about web development and how it works together as one unit,” he says. 

Anosh describes his weeks at CYF as engaging and productive, with a good mix of theoretical learning and practical application. “The sessions were interesting and engaging”, he says.

The program also emphasises other essential professional skills, such as communication, public speaking and teamwork.

Anosh is particularly grateful for the networking opportunities that CYF fosters. “The amazing networking activities were a massive eye-opener,” he shares. The program’s ability to connect aspiring tech professionals with experienced individuals from the industry proves to be invaluable, opening doors to mentorship and collaboration opportunities.

Anosh recognises the unique role CYF plays in empowering individuals like himself. “Carrying out all of these (learnings) on my own would’ve been very difficult, if not impossible,” he acknowledges. 

Anosh finds a job in tech.

As Anosh reflects on the news he has received a job offer, he acknowledges the immense value the CYF program brought into his life. “Now that I have a contract, I’d say completing the course has been one of the best decisions I’ve made,” he affirms. 

The intensive course not only equipped him with the necessary technical skills, but also exposed him to the industry-standard tech stack, giving him a competitive edge in the job market.

Comparing his current self with his early days at CYF, Anosh expresses a newfound sense of confidence. “I feel fairly confident in my ability to deliver on projects,” he says, attributing this progress to the program’s rigorous training and hands-on experience. He honed his communication skills at CYF too, enabling him to collaborate effectively within teams.

A bright future.

Looking towards the future, Anosh sets his sights on reaching mid-level within three years. “Now that I’m starting off as a junior, that’s the aim,” he declares. His ambition extends beyond personal growth; he envisions himself returning to CYF as a TA Volunteer, paying it forward by providing the same support he has received.

Anosh’s story epitomises the transformative power of the CYF community in shaping the lives of aspiring tech professionals. Through our comprehensive training, networking opportunities, and unwavering support, CYF empowers individuals to reach their full potential and positively impact the tech industry.

Are you thinking of applying to CYF?

Offering advice to those considering CYF, Anosh says, “Do it! It’s lots of fun and challenging, and the connections and skills you gain will last a lifetime.”