Volunteer Stories: Jane

Introducing Jane.

I first heard about CodeYourFuture from a Manchester Girl Geeks newsletter, back in November 2019. After attending an evening for prospective volunteers I decided to join CYF. I feel that the project is very worthwhile, providing students with the skills required to get a job in IT, a field with a chronic shortage of skilled people.

I have a background in computing, so I feel I can contribute to the project. Even though my experience goes back decades, some things like basic programming logic, the importance of testing and of documentation, don’t change. I also have some experience in volunteering in this area, having assisted students attending courses in IT Skills for Women in Greater Manchester.

I’m a new volunteer and still finding my feet, especially in keeping up with what is happening remotely, both with the students and with the other volunteers. So far, my time with CYF has been immensely satisfying. Like some of the other volunteers, I had technical skills but no teaching qualifications. The pre-course sessions on presentation skills and on teaching were therefore very useful. The latter included emphasising the fact that most students’ first language was not English. The Saturday class is quite intensive, both for students and volunteers. The lunch hour, as well as providing much-needed sustenance and a mental break from computer screens, gives the students an opportunity to socialise and to talk about whatever they want.

We have almost finished the Fundamentals course and about to start the main course. I’m looking forward to that!

Are you interested to get involved with CodeYourFuture too?

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