Challenge yourself to learn new professional skill and donate to CodeYourFuture at the end. 

100% of public donations are used to cover student expenses.



Learn any new professional skill and raise money for CodeYourFuture students. Learn on your own or as part of a team.

100% of public donations are used to cover student expenses.


CodeYourFuture is the only free tech training programme that pays student expenses. These expenses help people on low-income, refugees and other marginalised folks gain the vital skills needed to start life-changing careers in tech.

In 2022, CodeYourFuture paid over £80,000 for childcare, laptops, transport, internet and other costs to further break down barriers to learning.

With #GiveAsYouLearn, we're challenging you to learn something new and donate to CodeYourFuture when you hit your goals. 

What is #GiveAsYouLearn - and how can I participate?

#GiveAsYouLearn is a idea to raise funds for CodeYourFuture students so they can complete their training with us.

The idea is simple: you learn something new and pledge to donate once you hit your learning goal.

Donate by yourself, or as a fundraiser with friends. Whatever is right for you.

Any amount you donate will make a real impact in someone's life. 

Whether you're improving your Javascript or your Digital Marketing, if you participate in #GiveAsYouLearn, the money your donation will provide access to life-changing skills for marginalised folks. 

Check out other #GiveAsYouLearn campaigns for inspiration and get learning.


How it works

Pick a skill

Pick any professional skill you want to learn or improve on. 

Think about an outcome - what can you share at the end to show you've hit your goals?


Make a plan.

Plan out your learning. 

A learning journey of around 3-6 weeks is recommended.

Perhaps it's some certification you need, an online course, etc.


Pick a donation target, tell people about your goals and get learning.

Remember to update CodeYourFuture and any of your supporters. 

Need help getting started?

You can use the following copy to start your #GiveAsYouLearn.

  • Donate 
  • Take part in #GiveAsYouLearn as an individual or with a team. 
  • #GiveAsYouLearn creates an unique opportunity to engage with your professional network on your learning journey. 
  • If you're struggling to take time to learn skills, #GiveAsYouLearn is a good excuse to get learning. Making a public promise is a great way to complete a goal.

Fundraising for CodeYourFuture ultimately helps reduce social inequality - empowering individuals to help themselves, their families and others in their local communities.

Help in other ways



Make a monthly or once-off donation to help our trainees get life-changing jobs.

  • £18 can cover the expenses for a class
  • £76 can cover expenses for a month

Make a donation to CodeYourFuture



Coders and non-coders alike have helped graduates prepare for and find good tech jobs. 

There are many different volunteer roles. Volunteers have found CodeYourFuture a rewarding experience. 

Find out more about volunteering

"Few other experiences will remind you of the tenacity of human beings than working with people who give 100%, despite all the struggles they have gone through in life."

August, volunteer

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