Ellie’s volunteer story: giving back and growing as a mentor

Ellie learned about CodeYourFuture while attending a women in tech event in 2019. She was immediately drawn to our mission of diversifying the tech industry. Ellie wanted to give back and share her experience transitioning into tech, so she decided to volunteer with CYF as a teaching assistant and mentor. Ellie said, “I changed careers into tech in 2017 and … Read More

Mark’s volunteer story: using his professional experience to make an impact

Photo of Mark Elliot

Mark’s journey with CodeYourFuture began with an introduction to CodeYourFuture by “Bravestarts”, an organisation that helps mature people transition into new roles.  Using his experience to make a real impact Mark wanted to use his IT management skills to make a difference in the community and found CodeYourFuture the perfect fit. “I wanted to use my IT management skills to … Read More

Saarah’s volunteer story: personal growth and development

Saarah's photo

From KPIs to passion Saarah learned about CYF through her employer, Ernst & Young. As part of her individual KPIs and corporate social responsibility, she joined a volunteering initiative at Ernst & Young. She joined as a coding volunteer, but soon found her passion in personal development and became a PD volunteer. Reflecting on her own challenges to inspire others … Read More

Volunteer Stories: Nadia

Hey everyone, I’m Nadia Zhuk, a full-stack software engineer currently working at Intercom and living in London. I’m happy to share my impressions as a new volunteer at Code Your Future. Discovering volunteering with CYF I had done little volunteering before joining Code Your Future, but I’d been interested in giving back to the community for a while. I didn’t know anyone in … Read More

Volunteer Story: Aghogho

Aghogho photo

Aghogho’s desire to give back to the best of her ability stems from her background as a Welsh-British immigrant from Nigeria. “I witnessed the financial and emotional struggle of my parents”, she says, recalling “their tenacity over the years to secure the necessary papers and jobs to give myself and my siblings a better future.”  She heard about CYF volunteering … Read More

Our Leadership Program: Hinde’s Journey From Engineer To Manager

Hinde presenting using a whiteboard and post-it notes

CodeYourFuture (CYF) trains people from underprivileged backgrounds in coding and employability skills, and helps them find good jobs in the tech industry. While developing our trainees’ technical – or ‘hard’ – skills is a big part of what we do, we also foster their professional development through ‘soft’ skills like problem-solving, teamwork, making decisions and managing people. Our experience connecting … Read More

Our New Leadership Program: Daniel’s Journey From Trainee To Leader

CodeYourFuture (CYF) trains people from underprivileged backgrounds in coding and employability skills, and then helps them find good jobs in the tech industry. We’re passionate about developing people’s technical skills, but we’re also very aware that soft skills like leadership, decision making, and people management are just as important for employment.  Recently, we have created a new and unique program, … Read More

Volunteer stories: Hannah

Photo of Hanna

I’m an organiser volunteer in Rome – since 2018 when we started planning Rome.  I learned a lot about the tech world, and from fellow mentors and volunteers about how young dynamic companies work and change much quicker than the hierarchical old media world I’ve worked in.  I’ve gotten to practice public speaking, and do presentations in Italian, learned how … Read More

Volunteer Stories: August

Class: Manchester Volunteering since: September 2019 What do you love about CodeYourFuture? I love how friendly and welcoming the community is. It is terrifying as a relatively new developer to put yourself in a room of experts, but nobody makes you feel less than and everybody is always willing to listen to you and help you out no matter what … Read More

Volunteer Stories: Jane

Introducing Jane. I first heard about CodeYourFuture from a Manchester Girl Geeks newsletter, back in November 2019. After attending an evening for prospective volunteers I decided to join CYF. I feel that the project is very worthwhile, providing students with the skills required to get a job in IT, a field with a chronic shortage of skilled people. I have a … Read More