The Intro to Coding Course

20-40 hours (Self-paced)

A free online course for anyone new to coding, supported by a community of tech professionals to help you get started.


The Intro to Coding Course

20-40 hours (Self paced)

A free online course for anyone new to coding, supported by a community of tech professionals to help you get started.

Why take the Intro To Coding Course?

  • You don't need any coding experience
  • Self-paced so it's flexible to your schedule
  • Support from tech professionals
  • Great introduction to essential coding and employability skills

How long is the Intro to Coding course?

Most students take between 20-40 hours to complete this course. You can start the tutorials right after you register - no need to wait! 

Who is this course for?

The Intro to Coding course is perfect for people who have never coded before. You also need to complete the Intro to Coding course in order to take the Fundamentals and then The Full Stack Web Developer course.


The Intro to Coding online platform. After you register, you can start coding on our platform right away. You will see the course steps and find out how to get support.

What you will learn on the Intro to Coding course


Understand how these languages are used in almost all websites around the world.

Build projects

Practice and develop your HTML and CSS coding skills by working on web projects.

Employability skills

Start to develop the essential skills that all employers want; like teamwork, problem-solving and communication.

Our community will support you all the way. Once you start coding, you can get help via our chat tool, and you can join a weekly Intro to Coding workshop.


What our students say about our courses

I knew it was the right place for me when I saw the sense of community and a safe space for everybody

It felt like an organisation which WANTED to help me out as long as I was willing to put in the effort

CodeYourFuture will teach you the practical knowledge that is high in demand from the tech industry

Before you register, please tick each box so you are aware of the requirements.

    • Refugee or Asylum Seeker
    • Single Parent with low income
    • Been diagnosed with mental health, learning or physical disabilities
    • Live in a household with total income below the UK poverty line of £16k per year (or the local household poverty line)
    • Or, anyone else experiencing problems getting the education needed to find meaningful work, through discrimination or otherwise. For example - women, minorities, ex-offenders, being homeless, long-term unemployed, etc.

    • (If I am on DWP benefits, I will speak to my work coach before joining the Full Stack course.)
    • UK: London, Birmingham, Manchester & Glasgow
    • Italy: Rome
    • South Africa: Cape Town
    • Palestine: Hebron & Gaza

Frequently Asked Questions