Humans of Code Your Future: Yohannes

Yohannes — Photo taken by Etzali Hernández

Yohannes is a CodeYourFuture graduate, looking for his first tech job. Check out his GitHub here. I was born and brought up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I’d studied some computer science, but I would say it wasn’t until I moved to Glasgow in 2016 joined the first Scottish class of Code Your Future that I became a programmer. Glasgow is … Read More

Why do we volunteer?

Along with our students, volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation. Liliana, who started with us as a volunteer, asks… Why do we volunteer?   There’s always a temptation to give a one-size-fits-all answer to that kind of question. You can Google it to see tons of articles and find people offering advice related to the volunteering enterprise. I’ve asked … Read More

A future of coding opportunities for our graduates at CYF

Just over a year ago CodeYourFuture existed in the minds of a couple of people that wanted to create the first programme in the UK dedicated to helping refugees and asylum seekers. We had no mentors, no students and we didn’t know any refugee organisations that could help us in finding them. We only had a draft version of a … Read More

The origins of CodeYourFuture told through a graduate

Imagine that you are the founder of a social enterprise. You spend time planning and working on setting the foundations of your project. You work hard and the day arrives when you start offering a service to a group of people, becoming a day of celebration in our collective memory. In the case of CodeYourFuture, it was on the 9th … Read More