Student Story: Fatima

new career at 30

A group of CodeYourFuture trainees working through coding challenges

After completing a degree in Biology, Fatima struggled to find a decent job. 

She was unable to fund any further learning. Through her sister, she heard about CodeYourFuture in the North West. She decided to learn a programming language to get a good job in tech.  

Fatima was new to coding, so she decided the best attitude was to fully embrace the learning experience and work hard from the beginning. 

Of her approach to learning to code as a beginner, Fatima says. ‘Even when it was difficult, I stuck it out. I asked for help when needed. I even worked through all the extra materials, even though it was not compulsory”  

Fatima received the support she needed to learn the tech skills she needed to gain an interview and the soft skills necessary to succeed in an interview and a professional tech team. 

“Both my Personal Development and Tech skills mentors were amazing”. Says Fatima – “they helped me throughout the course, including with interview preparation and tech assessment support.” 

Through CodeYourFuture, she was able to secure interviews for tech jobs. With her dedication and the support she received, she had the confidence and the skills to succeed and found an excellent job in tech.

Fatima is now working as a developer with Thoughtworks, a digital agency based in the North West.

“At CodeYourFuture, I met the right people; they introduced me to everything I needed to land a job in the tech industry,” says Fatima. 

“Once I signed my job contract, I was over the moon; I cannot describe the feeling.” 

Fatima’s advice to future applicants to CodeYourFuture is, “Don’t hesitate, join, and this should change your life for the better!”