Environmental Policy

CodeYourFuture recognises that good environmental management is an essential part of overall good practice in voluntary sector management. Code Your Future will therefore strive to adopt the highest available environmental standards in all its areas of operation. 

CodeYourFuture will involve staff and members as much as possible both in implementing this policy internally, and in disseminating information externally about its progress in improving environmental standards. We will do this by making our policy publicly available on our website and by making it clear in our new staff induction process. 

CodeYourFuture is committed to playing a leading role in finding and promoting solutions to continually improve the condition of our environment and of all our business and visitor management activities which have an impact on the environment. 

CodeYourFuture will use all resources wisely, in the manner expected of an environmental charity, and we will take every opportunity to minimise our use of non-renewable resources and look to provide as many resources from our own estate as possible. 

Summary of actions

  • Actively promote recycling amongst our community.
  • Drive forward resource efficiency and reduce waste 
  • Reduce emissions from travel and machinery 
  • Engage staff, volunteers and contractors 
  • Reduce water consumption and prevent pollution 
  • Reduce carbon emissions from energy consumption 
  • Assess and improve the sustainability of our projects

German Bencci, CodeYourFuture CEO.