Coding For Beginners – A Great Way To Get Back To Work

It’s hard to be out of the job market for years.

How do you show employers that you can be an asset when there are vast blank spaces on your CV? How do you change careers and create new opportunities, when it feels like nobody will give you a chance? How do you even get up the courage to apply? 

At Code Your Future, we understand these problems because we have experienced them ourselves, and we know there are solutions. We learned to code and it opened the closed doors in our lives to a new kind of career, in tech.

“In London I couldn’t find job, so I started to work in a laundry. When a friend told me about CYF, I was thinking: was it possible for me with no background in coding to learn coding?”

Mona, CYF Graduate

Our introductory course can help you take your first steps into coding. Intro to Coding is open to complete beginners. You will learn HTML and CSS, the first two building blocks of the web. By the end of the course you will have coded several complete web pages. Our model is supported self study – we will guide you to the courses and we will support you, but you will teach yourself, and you can teach yourself the basics of HTML and CSS.

You don’t need any experience or qualifications. You only need to show up and work hard, and you can already do that. 

You can do this.

Code Your Future courses are delivered by professional software developers, and other tech professionals, for free. Teachers and mentors volunteer their time to help people access the tech industry who are usually excluded. Maybe that’s someone like you or someone you know.

We are a scrappy bunch of dreamers and optimists, but over 160 of our people have graduated as full-stack web developers and 70% of them are in tech jobs – a few in full-time education.

We can do this together.

“After a career break, I was looking for opportunities in IT. I heard about CYF and joined with no previous coding experience. Completed the course successfully while in full-time employment. And dreams became true.”
Serkan, CYF Graduate

Our courses are part-time, and we can pay for childcare while you are in class. We can help with transport. We can get you a computer and an internet connection. We want to take down as many barriers as we can between you and your professional development as a programmer.  

“When my children were born I had to stop working to look after them. For years, I was a stay at home mum. I went off the working industry. And I loved it, but something was missing…”

Madiha, CYF Graduate 

Programming jobs are well paid and there are lots of them. Flexible hours you control are more common in tech than in other entry-level positions. Many tech jobs do not start until 10am, so you can do the school run. It’s a good option for women looking to return after having children, or who have been out of work for any other reason. Is this you? Sign up for Intro to Coding and take a chance on a new future.

“My partner became quadriplegic and I was looking after him on my own. I was so young, just 19 when he got sick. I couldn’t get a job, or even leave the house. It felt impossible that I could ever be employable in such a situation. But I learned to code while I looked after him and created my own work, online.”

Sally, CYF Director

Once you’ve got the coding bug by completing Intro to Coding, join our full stack developer course and learn the most in-demand programming languages and software development techniques, to make yourself as employable as you can. Tech is a huge and growing industry in the UK. There are thousands of unfilled developer jobs, and one of them could be yours. 

We teach more than coding

We teach coding, but we also teach how we work as professionals – including Agile software development methodologies, critical thinking, interview prep, and presentation skills. Build your confidence alongside your coding skills and work with tech recruiters and other personal development professionals as you retrain.

We focus on practical training and employability and we will work with you for as long as you will work with us. 

If you show up to this, we will show up for you, too.

If you think coding or a career in tech might be for you, our Intro to Coding course is designed for people who have never coded before. Visit our Study page and register today.