Education Director

Role Has Now Been Filled

This role has now been filled so we will no longer be taking applications.

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Role overview

We're hiring an Education Director to support our volunteer teams at the global level to ensure they have a great experience at CodeYourFuture and enable our trainees have the highest possible chance in employment after graduation.

We are looking for somebody based in or near London, Birmingham, Manchester or Glasgow.


Why would you do this job?

  • You passionately believe that everyone deserves a thriving life
  • You understand the power of education and how it can change peoples lives
  • You want to share what you have learnt in industry with the people that need it most
  • You want to share your passion for programming with other people
  • You want to have high impact in the work that you do
  • You love working with people to ensure high quality results
  • You enjoy having full control over your time

What will you be doing?

  • Raise the quality of the vocational technical training across all CYF cities, and implement assurance mechanisms to ensure this is maintained
  • Preparing coding exercises, challenges and lesson plans
  • Research and advocate best pedagogical practices
  • Oversee the curation or creation of pedagogical content and assessments
  • Ensure cities carry out frequent assessment and student progress review
  • Facilitate the sharing of volunteer-created content between CYF cities
  • Help volunteer teachers from all CYF cities to identify and share their best practices
  • Build and deliver teacher training for our volunteer teachers
  • Research and advocate the best tools for the organisation (e.g. student progress tracker, auto-grader)
  • Collaborate with the Head of Personal Development to ensure a holistic experience
  • Communicate with CYF cities to guide them and assist in troubleshooting
  • Help new CYF cities in their team-building as they start their journey
  • Work with employment partners to identify shifts in market demand for skill-sets, and ensure these are reflected into the CYF syllabus,  so maximising student employability
  • Engage with existing and potential partner organisations
  • Take part in the daily team calls and weekly planning meetings with the strategy team

Why you?

  • Professional experience in Software Engineering (1 Year+)
    • You should understand modern programming practices and have used to them in a professional setting so you impart the best habits on our students
  • Experience with mentoring or teaching
    • You should have some experience working with learners or in a classroom setting
  • Self-driven work ethic
    • You’ll have full control over the way that you spend your time to be the most impactful
  • Skilled at Remote Working
    • We’re going to be working remotely even after the rest of the world stops. You understand the unique challenges this brings.
  • Leadership in Community
    • You have worked in communities before where you have a taken on a leadership role
  • Experience Working in Diverse Communities
    • An understanding of, and empathy for, the issues that may face the students attending CYF
  • Professional teaching or curriculum design experience
    • You would bring your experience from educational institutions to benefit our organisation
  • Experience working with or managing volunteers in a community, grassroots setting
    • You understand how to work with volunteers and the complexities that brings
  • Professional experience with our Stack (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Node, React, MongoDB, PostgreSQL)
    • You have a good understanding of the technology that we teach


  • Passionate about evidence-based practice
  • An effective communicator
  • Open-minded and welcoming of input from experienced volunteers
  • Able to take weekly calls in the evening (there is flexibility in working hours)
  • Enthusiastic about problem-solving in a new organisation
  • Fluent in English
  • Passionate about improving access to vocational training for refugees and other disadvantaged people

When will you be working?

This role can be either full time or part time as part of job share.

This includes an expectation that some weekend working may be needed to support student & mentor needs during class sessions.

How do you apply?

Role has now been filled. We are currently not accepting applications.


£40,000 - 50,000 depending on experience

Role can be prorated down to part time if required